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Correcting Snapshot Chains

Tweet Working with a new backup product here and we’re having a few issues with snapshots getting out of order and getting disk consolidation alarms, but are unable to do so. The fix I use is this shell command and then manually edit the VMDKs (not the -flats) and point to the correct parent disks: grep “CID=” `ls *.vmdk | grep -v ‘delta\|flat’` That outputs the following: SERVERNAME-000001.vmdk:CID=da409ac4 SERVERNAME-000001.vmdk:parentCID=da409ac4 SERVERNAME.vmdk:CID=59111937 SERVERNAME.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff SERVERNAME_1-000001.vmdk:CID=014da149 SERVER1_1-000001.vmdk:parentCID=014da149 SERVER1_1.vmdk:CID=0dfb62a4 SERVER1_1.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff SERVER1_2-000001.vmdk:CID=182d97e6 <–in this case, the child, parentCID and actual parent have the same CID. So here you can just changed the snapshot’s CID to something random. SERVER1_2-000001.vmdk:parentCID=182d97e6 SERVER1_2.vmdk:CID=182d97e6 SERVER1_2.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff As you can see, the “parentCID” for the snapshots is the same as the child CID itself. The snapshot is pointing to itself as the parent. So, after editing, this is how it should look: SERVERNAME-000001.vmdk:CID=da409ac4 SERVERNAME-000001.vmdk:parentCID=59111937 SERVERNAME.vmdk:CID=59111937 SERVERNAME.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff SERVERNAME_1-000001.vmdk:CID=014da149 SERVER1_1-000001.vmdk:parentCID=0dfb62a4 SERVER1_1.vmdk:CID=0dfb62a4 SERVER1_1.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff SERVER1_2-000001.vmdk:CID=thevlab1 SERVER1_2-000001.vmdk:parentCID=182d97e6 SERVER1_2.vmdk:CID=182d97e6 SERVER1_2.vmdk:parentCID=ffffffff You can now consolidate your...

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VMware Ports Per Product Spreadsheet

Tweet Nothing special, but might be handy.  Were having a few small issues with opening firewall ports and which ones today.  I threw together this doc to help a few other team members.  It is all the ports found in KB1012382 separated by...

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