We’re in the middle of a VMware migration from 3.5 to 4.  Some of the older VMs have small C drives, and since Microsoft loves to release tons of patches, they’re running out of space.

In the past you could shut the VM off, attach the OS drive as an extra HD to another VM, increase the space and then use diskpart to extend it.  With VM Hardware v.7, it’s much easier!

Grab the ExtPart tool from Dell here.

1) Edit the VM’s settings to increase the disk size

2) Copy ExtPart to the VM and double-click to extract.  Default path is C:\Dell\ExtPart\

3) Check the Partitions before:

4) From a command-prompt, change to the ExtPart directory

5) Run extpart.exe

6) Enter in the disk you want to extend in lower-case, i.e., c:

7) Specify in MB of the amount of space you want to ADD, not the final total

8) Check partitions after

9) That’s all!

*note:  your partition in “Disk Management” will look funny until you quit and re-open Disk Managment: